Being from a rural state, we at the Artists Action Network like to think of ourselves as cultivators of the arts, providing a number of services to the art community.

Art Information

For the art novice, we hope to act like a seed catalog, providing a glimpse of what it is like to grow a fulfilling, lifelong hobby in art. Through a combination of blog posts, artist profiles, artist interviews, and upcoming events, those with an interest in art will have ample opportunity to explore their interests and get involved in the arts community.

Art Consultation

For amateur art collectors, we hope to be the seed that blossoms into a passion. Connecting with an artist and buying your first original work of art that you love can be an incredible mind-altering experience. Let us share our knowledge and connections to make it happen.

Artist Advocacy

For established artists, we can perhaps provide some basic needs, akin to sun and water, to help one branch out. Let’s face it, if you are an artist, you spend your free time making art and have little time for promoting your work. That is where we come in. We can help photograph your work, develop a portfolio, and develop materials for you to share with potential clients.

Artist Publicity

For gallerists, our website may provide the needed fertilizer to increase yields when it comes to your clientele. We have no affiliation with particular galleries or art groups. Our aim is simply to support the arts. So, if you have an artist’s show you wish to promote, let us know – we would love to share it with our audience.

Art Preservation & Consignment

For the seasoned art collector or those needing a change, we can serve as the compost bin, recycling materials into something new and fresh. We hate to see original art sitting in drawers, lying in piles, or hiding in an attic when it could be proudly displayed and cherished on a daily basis by someone else. So, if you have a surplus of signed original art and would like to part with some of it, let us consign it for you. We will photograph the work, price the work, put it on our site, and facilitate a sale for you.

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