Many of us go through each day oblivious to fascinating elements that surround us, some so minuscule or subtle they go entirely unnoticed. For Matt Wagner, exposing these details is his primary intent. Matt is a photographer who specializes in capturing the personality of architecture, the fleeting existence of nature, the inconspicuous topography of the infinitesimal, and the allure of modern art.

He studied photography at Mount Mercy College with exceptional professors like David Van Allen. Over the years of photographing multiple subjects and traveling the globe, he has trained his eye to record the moments when you look at something and say “oh, I wish I had my camera!”. This is reflected in Matt’s wildlife and macro photography that captures the native elegance of his subjects. His architectural work blends the nuance of structural line with the spontaneity of the surrounding environment.

Matt works in public service and when you meet him, you understand why. He is friendly, outgoing, and eager to help in any way. It was these qualities that introduced Matt to Sylvia Schuster, a local Iowa City artist. He was intrigued by her drawings and soon developed a working relationship — where his photographs were used to capture the essence of her work and distribute it to an audience who had never been fortunate enough to view it.
With Matt’s imagery and technological savvy, they established which has been incredibly successful in bringing Sylvia’s work to light.

In addition to this, Matt is one of the founding members and contributors to the Artists Action Network. We are grateful to have his photography skills to put to use, providing eye-catching images and video for our site.

To see more of Matt’s work, please visit us on Instagram.

Cory Christiansen
Cory is the founder of the Artists Action Network. He has an insatiable appetite for all things creative and is always on the lookout for talented people doing inspiring things.







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